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Circle Solo Nano Matrix V2 #3 of 2022


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Overall Height 14.5"

Height to the 14mm Joint 4"

The Foot is 3.25" Wide and  10mm Thick Fully Carved

Signed and Dated #3 of 2022

-Mobius Borocolor Vintage #3 Kiln Stuck

-Experimental Multicolor Furnace Tubing UV Reactive

-132 Stringer Line Tubing Reticello

-Splash Guard, Filter, Foot an Shield are UV Reactive

-White Encalmo Pin Lines

-Cold Worked and Ti Signed

-Features a 32mm Matrix Perc with a minimum 104 diffusion holes

-4 Sandblasted Logos

-4.5"-5" Fully Worked Removable Rifled Downstem

Unique security hologram authenticity sticker with serial and QR Code

Made in California